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Nancy Braun

Canine Coach

Goal Oriented Obedience Training

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About me...

Answering the frequent question,

"How did you learn how to train dogs?"

Growing up in Connecticut, I spent a lot of my childhood around dogs and horses. My interest in dog training piqued after college so I decided to design my career around working with these amazing animals.  For the past 20 years I have coached puppies, adult dogs, and their owners, in ways to improve their relationship.  I have gained invaluable hands-on-experience through group classes and one-on-one exchanges.  I continually study various trainers and animal behaviorists and their methods of working with dogs, as there is no one way to train a dog. 

Every dog and their living situation is unique, so I work with each one and give the specific guidance needed.  Whether you are thinking about getting a new dog, have a new dog, or already own a dog with behavioral problems, I am here to help.

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My Services

Helping You Help Your Dog

It’s never too late to teach an old dog new tricks, and I believe it’s never too late to train any dog. My services are designed with you and your dog in mind, and I believe in working as much with you as with your dog. I’m proud of my high success rate and the level of satisfaction my clients, and their dogs, come away with every time - guaranteed.

dog running with toy

One on One

Every dog and owner has specific needs and objectives.  My goal is to set up a personalized program to address those needs and achieve objectives in a conflict-free environment. There is a strong focus on the communication skills between the owner and the dog.  The owner will come away with a clear understanding of the methods being used, and how they can be applied in real life situations.

Smart Dog

Basic Training

Proper obedience training can help eliminate future behavior problems.  Puppies naturally behave like dogs and need to learn how to live with people.

The foundation skills of, "Coming

When Called", "Sit", "Down", "Heeling" and "Stay" are important building blocks to a healthy relationship.

Animal Rescue and Care

Behavior Modification

Is your dog:
Jumping on counters?
Jumping on people?
Pulling on the leash?
Barking excessively?
If you need help with a specific behavioral issue, there are solutions.  Sessions will be personalized to fit your dog’s needs and your lifestyle.

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Happy Dogs, Happy Owners


Nancy is amazing! Her training is thorough, professional and always kind (to both her human and canine students!). I always look forward to the days that Nancy comes over to train because I know whatever "problem" we are having will be fixed by the time she leaves. She is very dedicated, responds promptly to questions and checks in regularly to see how training is progressing. If you are looking for a dog trainer I highly recommend her!

Maria K.


Nancy had a really effective, realistic and gentle approach to teaching me to train my dogs.  We worked together regularly and then periodically over the course of a year to train my two puppies (each with different issues) to become dogs that my whole family loves to be with.  I would recommend Nancy to anyone looking for general or issue specific dog training.

Deb B.


I've know Nancy as a people-dog trainer for nearly 20 years.  She addresses issues you and your dog are having.   She is kind, patient, direct, and quick to assess dynamics impacting dog and owner.  She is creative in developing strategies that are calm and firm.  Nancy is committed, caring and reliable.

Donna G.


We were introduced to Nancy from a friend who gifted us her training services.  We found her to be extremely helpful and a great fit for our dogs as well as ourselves. Her style with us and our dogs as well as knowledge is extraordinary.  After each session she emails a recap with pics/videos/hardcopy to help keep us “on track” until our next session. If issues or questions arise between sessions she is responsive and always has been receptive to “ what do we do now” questions that might not have presented themselves during our session. As all dog owners know…. training is just as much for the dog as it is the human. Nancy is a perfect fit for both human and canine!  We highly recommend her. 

Gary B.


I did a lot of research before picking Nancy, and my efforts paid off.  She is wonderful.  Nancy has a great way of communicating with both dogs and people. She makes the lesson clear, digestible and targeted towards your needs.  She listens to your needs, but also gives a gentle push back if she thinks you should think about changing course.  And of course she was right! I can't believe the progress both my dog and I have made in such a short time.  Our family is lucky to have Nancy in our corner!

Lisa A.

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